American West Bank Online Banking Login Tutorial

Spread across various regions in Washington DC, California, Utah, Idaho and Oregon, the AmericanWest Bank is a community bank founded in 1974 which is primarily business-focused and offers exciting and innovative opportunities to their customers and existing clients for online banking.banner-bank

If you have access to a computer or any mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, you can very easily log in and enjoy the various perks that come with using the online banking service of AmericanWest Bank.

The online banking services that AmericanWest Bank offers are basically quite similar to the regular ones that customers and clients receive and enjoy at any local bank branch for customers, only, AmericanWest Bank provides several additional facilities that are used to enhance and make easier the modern banking experience of today as well as make it more customer friendly.

Amongst a few of these extra and special activities is included the receiving and payment of bills through online networking, say, for example, in the form of e-bills.

Along with this, the AmericanWest Bank also offers their customers a chance to save images of cheques in a digital form, thereby giving you the ability to keep a safe and permanent proof of the cheque and the amount paid or received.

Another benefit is that clients of AmericanWest Bank can easily check their bank statements as and when they require it, in any and every location where they can get access to internet services and connect with the bank instantly.

You can get a truly exceptional client experience and deposit or receive funds by simply using the bank’s debit card. With its main focus on financial services, business and commercial lending, and business financial services, the AmericanWest Bank provides banking solutions for small businesses and guides customers for personal services (mortgages etc.) also.

How to Login at American West Bank Online Banking

Step 1:

Go to the homepage of the American West Bank.

Step 2:

Click on User ID and then on Log In.

Step 3:

Enter your User ID and password.

Step 4 (In case of forgotten User ID or Password):

If you have forgotten your password and are restricted to log in to your AmericanWest Bank account, you must immediately contact the bank by either telephoning them or through email or by post. The email address of the bank is given here:

Contact the bank through post by using this address and writing to the bank’s headquarters: 41 W, Riverside Avenue, 300 Suite, Spokane, WA 99201, Or view addresses of the bank’s various branches using this link:

Follow the same steps to enroll into the online banking facilities of the American West Bank.

You can also directly go and visit the nearest branch of the bank and talk to the office personnel to get detailed information about the bank and the various services offered.

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Routing Number

Get access to the customer-friendly services of AmericanWest Bank through its 9 digit routing number 125107037. Look on the lower left corner of your AmericanWest Bank cheque to find your routing number.

Customer Service Telephone Number : 800-272-9933.




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