Bank Of North Georgia Online Banking Login Tutorial

A branch of Synovus Bank, the Bank of North Georgia is one of the largest operating community banks providing business (SBA solutions, merchant services, asset management etc.) as well as personal (checkings and savings, telephone banking, customer loans and lines of credit, etc.) services and benefits to their existing clients and potential customers. Set up in 1994, the bank became a part of the Synovus Financial Corp. in 2008 and now has 40 branches located in 16 countries.

bank-of-north-georgia-logoThe Visa Check Card and the Visa Business Check Card provided by the bank helps you maintain a check on your bank account activities and provides security. You can easily make payments and monitor transactions through the debit card facility of the Bank of North Georgia.



How to Login at Bank Of North Georgia’s Online Banking

Step 1: Go to the homepage of the Bank of North Georgia.

Step 2: When you reach the homepage, go to the top left side of the page and click on User ID in the “Log In” page.

Step 3: Enter your User ID and password and then click on “Log In”.

Step 4: Enter you credentials and submit your information in the “Log In” page. You will then be taken directly to your Online Banking page where you can proceed with your transactions and payments easily.

Step 5 (In case of forgotten User ID or Password):

If you have forgotten your password and are restricted to log in to your account at the Bank of North Georgia, you must immediately contact the bank by either telephoning them or through email or by post. Go to this link to send a secure message to the bank through Email:

Go to this link to send a secure message to the bank through Email:

Contact the bank through post by using this address and writing to the bank’s headquarters: 8025 Westside Parkway Alpharetta, Georgia 30009.

You can also opt to simply change your password. Go to the password reset link inside of the log in box. Enter you User ID and then click on “Continue”.

After you have answered your security questions and went through a series of steps, you will be asked to enter in a new password. After resetting the password, you can again gain entry into the bank’s page and enjoy the Online Banking services.

Follow the same steps to enroll into the online banking facilities of Bank of North Georgia. Begin by carefully reading the “Synovus Online Banking Agreement with Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosures” agreement.

Click on “I Accept” after reading and you will be enrolled into the Online Banking process. Complete the information on the Activation page. After you have filled the required information, click on “Submit” and you will be able to log in at the bank’s page.

You can also directly go and visit the nearest branch of the bank and talk to the office personnel to get detailed information about the bank and the various services offered.

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Routing Number: 061020799

Customer Support : (770) 576-4471 or (800) 334-9007

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