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JCpenney is a departmental store with about 1060 locations across 49 states in the America. It is a subsidiary of the renowned J.C. Penney Company and they have also extended their services in the financial world.


JCPenney credit card is very popular among credit card users and many people arguably opine it to be the best. The card is accepted in almost any outlet and is a fantastic payment option.

The card offers rewards and special promotional coupons for their first time users and consistent card holders. For example, one can earn 1 point every time for a purchase worth 1 USD. Moreover, the JCPenney credit card offers about 15 percent savings on accessories, jewelry, salon products, home furniture etc.

Few striking features of the card are as follows.

  • No cash advance fee.
  • No maximum penalty APR.
  • Late fee as small as 37 USD.
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • No annual fee.
  • Guaranteed fraud protection.

There are three credit card levels of JCPenney. They reward the ones who spend more and people who earn 100 points every month are given a 10 USD reward from JCPenney.

The ones who spend a minimum of 500 USD within two days are categorized as Gold card holders and they are provided exciting offers. The minimum one has to spend is 1500 USD to qualify.

Thus the limits are well within the means and one can easily qualify for special rewards.

Important info for first time Jcpenney credit card users

For people who are looking forward to have this card, there is a simple procedure to follow that consists of three steps. The simple steps complete your application and the card is available to you in only a few business days. Let us have a look at the steps.

Step 1: One needs to visit the online page through the link provided above. The first step starts with the process of signing up. It is nothing but an online application. One can also sign up through the Android or the iPhone app. It is always advisable to keep your important credentials by you for signing up as such they will be asked for while signing up.

Step 2: One has to be very careful while entering the details. Important details like Social Security Number, personal info etc. are to be entered correctly on the respective fields. Since all information pieces entered are subjected to company norms and fulfillment of terms and conditions, it is very important that you cross check and verify the details entered time and again.

Step 3: The last step is nothing but a formal consent from the user end to abide by the terms and conditions. At once, the checkbox is marked, you are all set to have the card. The application gets processed and within a few days one can have the card delivered.

JCPenney has a wonderful record keeping tool and one can view their past payments easily. Using this credit card is a very convenient experience and shopping through the card is simply mind blowing. One can get more details about the card by visiting the home page, through the link provided above.

The services offered are arguably the best and one can use the JCPenney credit card effectively for shopping. It is a wonderful alternative to cash and the discounts can be redeemed in almost any store.

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Customer Care Number: 1800-32-1189

Android app

iPhone app

Link to online banking page


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