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Macy’s, originally known as R.H. Macy and Co, is a store owned and governed by Macy’s Inc. The company expanded in terms of financial services and is now one of the renowned names when it comes to payment cards. The Macy’s credit card is very popular in this regard and is being used exceedingly to make payments. They come with a lot of benefits for first time users and consistent customers.

Macy’s credit card rewards its consistent customers for frequent payments. There are also points awarded to the customers, which can be redeemed at almost any store.


There are two types of Macy’s credit card. These are the basic store credit card and Macy’s American Express card. They can be used effectively anywhere that accepts American Express.

The most interesting part of using Macy’s credit card is that there is no minimum credit score to qualify for having them. However, it is always advisable to maintain a good credit score throughout.

Let us have a look at the striking features of Macy’s credit card.

  • Rewards to consistent customers.
  • Nice Travel benefits.
  • Wonderful shopping discounts at stores.
  • ‘’Thanks for sharing’’ reward program.
  • Annual percentage rate of 25.49 with a small late fee penalty of 37USD.

Many people opine that Macy’s credit card is a fantastic possession, because it deals in clothing items and also accessories for women and children. No wonders, holders believe that shopping with the credit card is always a nice experience.

Guidelines on signing up for Macy’s Credit Card

Making payments through Macy’s credit card is always satisfying and also provides you with an option of getting rewarded all the time. People who are looking forward to avail their services can sign up today and grab the wonderful opportunity of first time user reward.

One can follow the simple steps provided below to sign up.

Step 1: The first and foremost step is filling up an online form. This can be done from your home itself by visiting the Macy’s website. On the search bar of Macy’s website, one can type ‘’Macy’s credit card’’.

Step 2: The next page comes up with an option ‘’Apply Online’’. Simply click on that and a new page pops up with a form that asks you to fill up important information about you. Besides your name and personal credentials, some basic financial information points are to be entered.

It is important to have your photo ID scanned beforehand as it will be asked for while signing up.

Step 3: The third step completes your application. Here one needs to verify the information provided by him on step 2. Basically this is nothing but an overview. Once confirmed, signing up process for this card is done.

One can also apply for a card directly at the store. The personnel employed at the store counters are there to facilitate you in this regard. Here, one has to enter his credentials manually on a paper. At once done with the application, one can turn it in at the store itself.

On an average it takes about 7-10 days to review your application and get it processed. After this, you can have your card.

To nip the slightest possibility of your application getting rejected, it is always advisable to maintain a good credit score. Although Macy’s credit card do not have any threshold limit on credit, a nice score is always desirable.

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Customer Care Number: 866-593-3929

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