MCU Online Banking Login Tutorial [How to]

MCU stands for Municipal Credit Union. Headquartered in New York City, it is a state chartered credit union that provide extensive banking options. MCU has been in the field of banking ever since 1916 and at present it is the largest credit union of metro New York.

The interesting fact about a credit union is that it is cooperatively owned by its members. Focus is on serving the members and maximizing profit has the least priority. Here, the customers are called “members” and they control the financial institution. In fact, the board of directors are none but volunteers and they are elected by the members. Just like other banks, Municipal Credit Union too, offers wide banking services and some of them are:mcu-online-banking-300x158

  • Checking and Savings account.
  • Home, auto and personal loan assistance.
  • Mortgage assistance
  • Direct deposits.
  • Debit card and credit card facilities.
  • Accessing cash through a strong network of ATMs.
  • Online and mobile banking.
  • Digital banking
  • Faster transfer of funds.
  • Insurance options.

Thus in other words, it is a new concept of banking, with members playing pivotal role in the functioning of the organization. In fact, the profit earned by MCU gets distributed among the members in the form of favorable rates and lower fees for products and services.


How to Login at MCU Online Banking

Online banking is in contrast to branch banking and has its merits. With online banking, one can bid good bye to the age old concept of standing in queue and experiencing unnecessary delays. The process is fast, safe and secure and the most striking feature is that it allows banking from the comfort of your home. Moreover, with iPhone and android apps one is at liberty to avail mobile banking anytime, anywhere.

MCU too offers online banking facility and involves a safe and secure platform with a clear voice given to fraudulent interventions. There are minimum chances of confusion as the process to avail the service follows a simple and systematic approach. One can also have a look at the brief guidelines mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on This takes you to the home page of Municipal Credit Union. On this page find the option “login” and below it you will find a dropdown box asking you to select your option.

Step 2: Select option “Online banking” and then click on “Enroll”

Step 3: A new window opens up, asking you to enter your account number. Enter the number and then click “submit”. The following steps will automatically navigate you to access online banking option.

In this regard, one must remember that enrolling is a one-time process and during the process no communication will be done through e-mail or phone, asking you to verify the account. MCU will also not ask you to update credit card info while banking online.

In the event of any miscommunication, get in touch with the customer care no sooner than later.

All banking facilities can be availed through online banking and it is needless to say that it offers a smart and user friendly platform. One can bank at his convenience and avoid the woes of branch banking nicely.

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Routing Number: 226078036

Swift Code

Customer Care Number: (212)693-4900

Android app

iPhone app



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