Regions Bank Online Banking Login [How to]

Regions Bank was founded in the year 1971 and operates from its headquarters located in Birmingham, Alabama. With over 1,700 branches and 2,400 ATMs spread over 16 states in the United States, Regions Bank also has the distinction of being the only bank from Alabama among the Fortune 500 list.regions-bank

The bank offers services in retirement planning, auto and personal loans, personalized budget management, investment planning, etc.

Among its banking solutions offered to customers, the debit cards feature a host of benefits for account holders. Certain advantages of Regions Bank debit cards are:

  • Chip-based technology ensures maximum security
  • Card personalization, customize to your liking
  • Several reward programs
  • Free Fraud Protection program offers you risk-free shopping
  • Identity Theft Kit can assist in verifying you in case of stolen identity
  • Green Insights program allows you to plan your expenditures

Apart from debit cards, Regions Bank offers prepaid cards that allow you to top up a cash card with the required amount of money.

These type of cards are great for travel and to ensure fraudsters don’t get direct access to your savings account like in the case with debit cards.

How to Login at Regions Bank Online Banking

Regions Bank offers its customers three options to connect with their account within the comfort of their home. The first type is the Text Banking, 2nd being Online Banking and finally app-based banking. You can access several features such as the Personal Pay feature that allows you to directly send money to friends and family, a detailed transaction sheet, relationship rewards, cashback rewards, funds transfer, etc.

In order to access any of these features, you are first required to enroll for an online account. To do this follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enroll

Simply open a new browser and head over to the Regions Bank home page, you can also click here. Click the ‘Enroll’ link, the next landing page opens a terms and conditions page, click ‘Continue’ once you have read and agreed. In this page, you will have 2 options to choose between ‘I have a Regions checking or savings account’ and ‘I only have an installment Loan, CD, IRA, Credit Card, Equity Line, or Reloadable Card’, choose whichever option applies to you.

You will be prompted to create an Online ID and password on the following page. Once you have proceeded with the information, your account is now registered. You can also choose to use the text banking feature by sending the following SMS command – Bal to 734265, to receive an account summary on your overall balance.

Step 2: Sign into Online Banking

Once you have enrolled, it’s time to access your online banking page. In a new browser, click the following link to open the Regions Bank’s homepage. In the ‘Online ID’ and ‘Password’ fields, type in the required information that you had received at the time of enrolling.

Click the ‘Log In’ button and you should be able to access your online account. In case you are unable to remember your password or ID, choose the ‘Forgot Online ID or Password’, whichever applies. In the next section, you are required to fill in a few personal information points for verification purposes. Information such as your ATM, Checkcard or Now card number as well as your PIN is required for processing if you have forgotten your password.

If you have forgotten your User ID, you are required to contact customer care on 1800-472-2265.

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Swift Code: UPNBUS44 for Birmingham, AL / UPNBUS44MIA for Miami, FL

Customer Care Contact Number: 1-800-734-4667

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