Sallie Mae Login Tutorial [How to]

SLM Corporation is one of the most reputed names in the financial services industry. Commonly known as Sallie Mae, it is a US based consumer banking service provider that aims to offer college, graduate and undergraduate student loans at promising interest rates.

sallie-mae-loansEstablished in 1972, it was formerly known as Student Loan Marketing Association and was a government entity serving federal education loans. Later, it went private and began offering private student loans. This company is the largest originator in the country for federally insured student loans. The headquarters of Sallie Mae is located in Newark, Delaware, Unites States.

The various kinds of student loans offered by Sallie Mae include undergraduate student loans, graduate student loans and student loans for parents. One can compare various student loan options available with the company to find the best suited loan option. Besides these financing solutions the company also serves with secure and reliable banking solutions like saving accounts and Upromise goalsaver account. Here are the highlights of major and most appealing facilities of Sallie Mae:

  • Saving accounts & certificates of deposit
  • Credit card facilities
  • Undergraduate, graduate and parent loan facilities
  • Tuition insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Auto insurance

Along with all these banking, financing and insurance facilities, customers are also provided with appealing Upromise rewards.

How to login at Sallie Mae online banking

Are you a first time internet banking user of Sallie Mae banking facilities? Nevertheless you will still find online banking much easier and convenient as you can access your Sallie Mae bank account with the comfort of your own home. With the evolution of mobile banking and mobile apps, you don’t even need a computer system with you as you can access your account through your smartphone anytime and anywhere. Check out the steps that you need to follow while accessing your bank account with Sallie Mae online.

Step 1. The first step begins with registering yourself as an online user of your Sallie Mae account. Visit the page(Click here) , on the left hand side you will find a log in form. As you are a first time user so click on the option Register for Online Access below the Log In button.

Step 2. You will be directed to the registration page where you need to choose the username and password as per the directions provided for username suggestion.

Step 3. Now before completing the registering process you will need to verify your account with the Sallie Mae bank. You will be provided with two account verification methods, that are Social Security Number or Account Number. Choose the option which you find suitable and complete the profile by filling information like date of birth, phone number, zip code, email address and more.

Step 4. Once your account information is verified and registration is complete you can Log in to your online banking account with the chosen username and password anytime to access your account and operate it online.

The online banking is not only limited to banking customers, but any student getting any kind of student loan for studies can also have access to various mobile or online banking facilities and to access his/her student loan accounts. The online banking environment offered by the company is highly secure and reliable and can be trusted by anyone without any insecurity or fear of being a cyber-crime victim. Although the online banking facilities are highly secure still it is recommended for all the online users to keep altering account login details and credit card pins time and again for enhance security.

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Routing Number: 124385119

Customer Care Number: 855-756-5626

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