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Credit cards are the best alternatives to cash and are very handy for shopping. Almost all credit card companies offer special shopping discounts. In this regard, Target credit card has been in the news for quite some time.


Users consider this card to be the best in terms of the wonderful shopping offers and discounts it provides, the most common being a 5% off on every purchase. One can shop for any amount and get a discount instantly at once the card is swiped at the counter.

Interestingly, a Target credit card holder can get pharmacy rewards as well. They can also earn a certificate for 5 percent off a day at any Target pharmacy. Moreover paying bills for cable, satellite or phones are also convenient and hence is a perfect option to choose for.

The wonderful features of the Target Credit Card include but are not limited to;

  • No annual fee charged.
  • Availing 5% off every day.
  • Only 22.99 percent interest against APR.
  • Maximum late fee of only 38 USD.

In addition to the advantages stated above, card holders who shop from get their products delivered for free.

Important info for first time Target credit card users

Target credit card offers a bunch of wonderful offers for its customers. New customers who are looking forward to have this card, need to complete a small process. The small process involves a very few steps, after which the card is delivered to them within a few business days. The steps needed to complete the application are as follows.

Step 1: As a prerequisite, an individual must be above 18 years of age and should possess a valid social security number. On the home page one can search and find the application form. All fields are mandatory and one needs to enter the details correctly. The details will be cross verified and hence it is important that one is highly careful while entering the details.

Step 2: One also needs to enter financial information about him in the subsequent steps. In this regard it is advisable that you keep a good credit score. Although there is no threshold credit score specified to qualify for the card, a good credit score holder stand no chances of the application being rejected.

Step 3: At last, one has to give his formal consent that he will abide by the laws and regulations specified under the credit card rules. At once the checkbox is marked, the application process is completed and then it is a matter of few days for the card to arrive.

Since very sensitive information is entered during the application process, the application time out is only 15 minutes. Hence, it is important to keep the needful credentials by you at the time of applying so that no time is wasted in order to fetch them.

One can be assured about the info shared as Target Credit online site employs strong firewalls and the information shared is highly secured. There is practically no chance of a possible intrusion or your information being captured by a third party.

After the application is made successfully, it is reviewed thoroughly. It is only a matter of few days after that shopping at any Target store is simply a mind blowing experience. Simply get started by applying through the online page or through the phone with the app links provided above.

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Customer Care Number: 888-755-5856

Android app

iPhone app

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