UMB Online Banking Tutorial [How to]

UMB Financial Corporation is an American financial company located in Kansas City, Missouri. The roots of UMB bank were set in 1913 by W.T. Kemper and associates when thy bought shares in City Center Bank.

umb-bank-logoThe first computer processing system was installed in the bank in 1959 when R. Crosby Kemper, Jr. became the president of the bank. In 1971, it became a holding of other banks and renamed to United Missouri Bancshares, Inc. In 1995 its first banking solution was released by UMB.

The UMB bank was ranked nations number 2 bank in 2009. The company offers complete line of personal and business banking solutions with reliable financing and lending services to the customers. The most common banking and financing services offered by UMB bank to its customers include.

  • Personal banking and payment solutions
  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Small business and consumer banking
  • Commercial banking and lending
  • Flexible spending accounts and health saving accounts
  • Transportation finance and investment options
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • Credit cards
  • Home financial solutions (mortgages)

Both commercial as well as personal banking and financing services offered by the bank are really exceptional and can make a big difference in anyone’s living standard. UMB bank operates in 8 states with 112 branches located throughout those states.

How to login at UMB bank Online Banking

Besides operating your banking and financing services from various bank branches located in different states, one can also get access to the same banking facilities by operating their accounts through online or mobile banking services. For this online banking enrollment is required. For added comfort, you can enroll to mobile banking services as well and manage your banking solutions through bank’s mobile application. If you are interested in online banking services and have not enrolled to it yet, then check out this step by step procedure and follow the listed instructions.

Step 1. For the first time users, it is required to first enroll to the online banking facilities by visiting the link (Click here) . The first step would involve authenticating your account identity. Select the account type that you have with UMB bank and enter your card number. In the next block enter the last four digits of your social security number with expiration date and statement zip code. Click on Verify your account.

Step 2. Once your account with the bank will be verified you will be asked to verify your identity by providing account holder name etc.

Step 3. Create custom user ID and password that you will use to login to your online UMB bank account. Make sure you don’t set password that is easy to remember for anyone. Try to follow the password selection guidelines provided by the bank.

With this you will be enrolled to the online UMB banking and after this you can enjoy all the online banking facilities at comfort of your home.

Key benefits of UMB online banking facilities:

  • The foremost benefit of UMB online banking is that it is totally free to use internet banking with UMB bank. You can pay bills easily without any additional charges.
  • You can have 24/7 access to your bank account.
  • The multiple layers of security keep your identity and security protected.
  • Frauds can be detected at the earlier stages with strong security solutions.
  • You can transfer funds to any other account throughout the nation.

All these benefits bring great ease to everyone for managing their financial accounts and perform required operations without the need of visiting bank branches all the time. The UMB online banking perfectly protects your identity against cyber-crime, frauds and theft identities however it is also recommended for all the online banking users to keep their mobiles and computes updates with solid antivirus solutions. Once also need to choose difficult password for the account that is not possible to guess or remember. Also avoid using same passwords for different bank accounts. Such tight security and carefulness from your side will definitely going to protect your banking identity for ever and you can enjoy countless banking benefits for long.

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Routing Number: 101000695

Swift Code: UMKCUS44FEX

Customer Care Number: +1 816-860-7930

Android app

iPhone app

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